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PandaCat Poetry for
the Soul

Music - Masks - Makeup
by David Jackson-Harlin

Step into the whimsical realm of Pandacats, where the artistry of David's music intertwines with the playful spirit of pandaCats.

Uncover a curated collection of soulful melodies and rhythmic beats that
transcend boundaries.


it’s not about the music
it’s not about the masks..
it’s not about the
problems of the world..
or content that won’t last..
it’s not about being right
or finding that you’re wrong ..
it’s not about our issues
we put those in our song..
But it is about the heart
the way we live our life
it is about our soul
The thing we most deprive
and what is more important
is the love we all employ
what is most important
is a human in their joy


PandaCats is a musical journey delving into the subterranean world of consciousness.PandaCats represent the mask we wear and the ‘masks’ that wear us to express the eclectic mix of human sub-personalities, conflicts, and desires, giving voice
to the child within.
Through songs of overcoming adversity..
self-acceptance, and healing, PandaCats brings light to the void within, reminding us of the only constant in life—
is change …
fundamental to
personal growth.
PandaCats is a mirror reflecting the imperfect beauty of our internal landscape, inviting creative exploration to find meaning and share empowering discoveries.PandaCats is a metaphor for the wise teacher within,
always present and shining a guiding light toward self-acceptance and the realization that we are all ONE unified field of consciousness…
Welcome to a world of
as explored through David’s PandaCats

A message
from My inner child

I hear the wind
I feel the air
I make a wish
and hope you’re there
but all I feel
is empty space
what I sense …
is an empty place…
so I taste the wind
and I lick the air
I make a wish
and there i swear…
is a road that’s yellow
a path that’s long
a familiar place
at the end of a song..
so I make a wish..
‘take me home country road
To a place I belong ..
That place I heard
in John Denver’s song’

i feel a word
i write the lyric…
I make a sound
avoid my cynic..
I compose a line.. 8 or 9
I sing the song
correct what’s wrong…
But sing I do
out of tune…
I sing quite loud
not feeling proud…
Tho sing I must
I have to trust…
sing it out
like a musical shout….
Cos ..It caries my life
It caries my pain…
all my winnings
drowned in rain…
but it’s a curiOZ voice
It likes to sing ..
it’s a curiOZ voice
it’s a curiOZ thing…

An alternative universe
or a state of mind . .
a place to have fun
with your own kind . .
a curiOZ reality
Known to some..
a JOYFUL sensuality
warmed by the sun
Join me on a road
that is yellow,
a path that is long,
a place we all know
hidden in song

A upbeat dancy song about embracing the light as seen
thru the barrel
of a gun

In the realm of
'Thru the Barrel of a Gun,'
the notes are bullets, and the rhythm is a ‘heartbeat’ echoing through the chaos of emotions."
"Embark on a sonic journey that explores the intricate dance between danger and beauty –"Feel the pulse of intensity as 'Through the Barrel of a Gun' weaves a tapestry of sound that echoes the complexities of the human spirit."

A place where
humanity transcends
Narcissistic ego
pursuits for the
betterment of all
living things.
ONGOING exploration..
an access point
where conflict is allowed
to be expressed creatively,
safely and sensibly
in song~
alchemised into wisdom
allowing emotions
to be just that..
emotions and
nothing more..
because feelings
come and go.
Because emotions
must be LET-GO
To see clearly,
to have clarity of mind
or to simply
see the truth of
any situation
Because love is truth
and truth is Gold..
And gold can never
be tarnished by
that which is false.
We are the Gold
we seek. But we must
seek it from within..
We are the truth
we seek..
but we must
find our true self
to fully realise
what is true for us..
..seeking it from the
hidden depths of the
subterranean world
of consciousness where
PANDACATS live and
play out-
all their wants, needs, desires
conflicts & dreams

PandaCat is David’s
inner child
reaching out to
your inner child…
because what the
world needs right now,
is your joy.
Its needs the joy
that comes from
of collective

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